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Why did the public choose to use a disposable security seal

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-06-24 15:40:44
         Everyone is no stranger to the understanding of disposable security seals. The most common plastic seals and cable seals have begun to diversify and are used in many fields, especially the logistics industry. Then why use security seals? What is the effect after sealing?
            (1) Sealing personnel have no right to unseal vehicles or articles that are normally sealed.
            (2) All drivers are not allowed to change or modify the locks. If internal abnormalities are found, they must be sealed up on site and signed and approved by the customer.
            (3) Drivers are limited to sealing the tank mouth of the vehicle at the scene.
            (4) If other personnel must open the seal if necessary for work, they should notify the customer to unpack and seal the seal together.
            (5) When sealing the can opening device, the identification and number must be clearly visible on the seal.
          The above points can be reflected in the use of blockade to improve the safety of goods in transportation.
           The security seal is a disposable lock. Lock the disposable security seal on the container, tanker or container full of cargo. If the lock is intact and the number on the lock is consistent with the bill of lading number after arriving at the destination, it means that the cargo has not been changed midway. Therefore, the disposable security seal plays a good role in preventing counterfeiting and theft to a certain extent.    
           If you are looking for a disposable security seal, our disposable security seal is a good choice because of its high quality and wide range of uses. Do you have any other questions about this? Contact us today, we are happy to help you.
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