Now what are we using to reduce the risk of tanker transportation?

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-06-17 14:20:52
    In recent years, with the increasing demand for petroleum products, the petroleum industry has developed rapidly in China. However, with the rapid development of the petroleum industry, it also brings great challenges to the product oil transportation industry. Safe transportation of oil is the most concerned problem in the transportation industry, and it's safety risk has always been very high. Ensuring the safety of oil vehicle transportation has always been the key content for the industry to consider. So we use all kinds of safety measures to ensure our transportation safety, so cable seal is applied.
    During loading, we can use cable seal to protect key valves, control devices, tanks, etc. from tampering or accidental opening / closing.
In the process of transportation, we can use cable seal to lock the container to prevent theft.
    The risk of the oil industry has been recognized, which has potential harm to the company itself and the public. Now the use of cable seal is an important step to prevent accidents and prevent malicious activities.
    Cable seal is also very suitable for railway transportation. Railway transportation usually stays longer in high-risk and secluded areas than road transportation. In addition, there may be a greater risk if it is accidentally opened, tampered with by saboteurs or openly stolen.
    Therefore, for different transportation environments, it is necessary to select the appropriate cable seal. The material of the lock body, the length of the steel wire and the diameter of the steel wire are the key factors