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The role of laser marking on bolt seals

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-06-29 15:49:21
          With the continuous updating of security seals, a variety of products continue to develop new functions and features. Bolt seals, as one of the security seal products, are also constantly adapting to the progress of the times and developing new features. Laser marking on bolt seals has increasingly become the standard for bolt seal production.
          Bolt seal, also known as container seal, is a security seal most commonly used on containers. It can also be applied to trucks, vans, tankers, container trucks, and doors. Because it is a security seal, a series of codes or number segments are generally laser marked or hot stamped on the surface of the lock body. Bolt seal generally uses mild steel as the main material of the lock body and lock head, and ABS plastic wraps the surface of the lock body and lock head to form a corrosion-resistant, high-hardness seal product. Laser marking on ABS plastic is much better than hot stamping. Hot stamping cannot guarantee that the engraved number section is clear and the corresponding barcode cannot be engraved. This is a defect of hot stamping. The laser marking on the bolt seal can not only print the number section clearly and clearly, but also print the bar code, which raises a new level of anti-counterfeiting.
           The reason why bolt seal has become a special seal for containers is not only that its one-time sealing is safe and reliable, but also that the laser marking on the seal adds a layer of security to safety.

            If you are looking for laser marking bolt seal, our laser marking bolt seal is a good choice because the printed font pattern is clear and will never fall off. Do you have any other questions about this? Contact us today, we are happy to help you.

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