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The application of UHF chips in the seals

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Update time : 2018-04-24 08:42:25
When purchasing seals, many customers are worried that the seals they purchased could be copied by others. It is possible for ordinary seals to be copied, and criminals will look for seal factories to produce exactly the same seals for private benefit. However, with the development of Internet technology, seal products with ultra-high frequency chips have been developed. UHF chips have unique identification codes and large data access capabilities. Combining the UHF chip with the seal product can greatly improve the convenience of the seal use, and the unique identification code on the UHF chip can make the seal imitation impossible.
At present, the most widely used seals with UHF chips are patrol management, such as seal inspection of oil pipelines, seal inspection of natural gas pipelines, and seal inspection of meter boxes. For inspection of seals with UHF seals, it only need to observe whether there is damage to the seal surface, and then use the handset to read UHF unique identification code for proofreading, you can determine whether there is doubt in the seal. Seals with chips not only have the features of the original one-time seal, but also have a unique identification code function. Two ways of protection make it impossible for criminals who want to imitate seals. In addition, the UHF chip provides conditions for reading information at a long distance. After using the handheld, it can read the number of UHF seals in a certain range, which saves the time for the surveyor.
As the Internet of things industry continues to advance, the addition of UHF chips to lead seals will become more common. The seals will be more secure to use and more convenient to manage.
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