Precautions when using plastic seals

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Update time : 2021-02-22 11:46:00
What is a plastic seal
Plastic seal is made of of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle, and the other is a serrated plastic seal strip. The strip body can be bent through the front plastic mouth and form a ring, which can be used to bundle cables. Since the serrations on the seal strips can closely contact with the elastic plastic buckles in the plastic mouth, the plastic seals can firmly fixed them.

plastic seal
Precautions when using plastic seals
1.When using plastic seals, if it is found that the logo or number on seals are unclear, it is necessary to report to the person in charge in a timely manner and replace them promptly.
2.The sealing personnel have no authority to remove the seals on the vehicle's tank.
3.All drivers shall not move the seals. If an internal abnormality is found, they must be sealed on site and signed and approved by the customer. At the same time, report to the operating person who is responsible for confirmation.