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The origin of Grain Rain

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Update time : 2018-04-19 14:50:52
The valley rain is the meaning of “rain and a hundred valleys”. Every April 20 or 21, when the sun reaches 30°, it is a valley rain.
In the rainy season, in the south, “Yang Hua Huan makes the best use of the rules”, catkins flies, Du Fu sings, the peony pods, the cherries are red, and the natural scenery informs people: it is time to late spring. At this time, the temperature in the south increased rapidly. Generally, the average temperature in late April, with the exception of the northern and western parts of the South China rainy season, has reached 20°C to 22°C, which is more than 2°C above mid-range. There are often more than 30 high temperatures in the eastern part of South China in one or two days, which makes people feel hot. Low-altitude river valleys have also entered the summer.

Grain Rain
In ancient China, Grain Rain was divided into three groups: “The first time was Pingsheng’s life; the second was his feather; the third time was Dairen’s descending to Mulberry.” It was said that after rainfall, the rainfall increased and duckweed began to grow. Then the cuckoo began to remind people to sow, and then began to see the hoopoe on the mulberry tree.
Grain Rain solar terms, East Asian high-level westerly winds will once again significantly weakened and moved northward, South China warm air masses are more active, the westerly winds circulate from west to east more frequently, low pressure and the Yangtze River and Huai cyclone activity gradually increased. Affected by this, there will be continuous rain or heavy rain in the Jianghuai region.
Grain Rain is the last solar term in the spring. When Tanaka's seedlings are planted and new crops are planted, they need the rain to moisturize them.
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