Why need check seals during transportation

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Update time : 2018-02-07 10:37:29
The purposes of seals:
1. There is date mark on seals, which is used to identify goods, sometimes, there is also seal number at corresponding B/L.
2.Seals can be used to judge if goods are open during transportation, which means if seal is complete is a complete evidence for the hand over of carrier and receiver, which shows the important role of seals at the hand over of whole goods among sender, carrier, and receiver.
Functions of seals:
一: It is used to guarantee goods are not open during transportation which mainly depends on if seal is complete.
二:There is mark on seals used to identify goods. B/L can represent.
The advantage of bolt seals is once locked, the strength can reach 15000N, it can only break by welding machine. And each seal has unique serial number, which prevent the possibility of false making.