Container seal use and precautions

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Update time : 2018-02-07 16:31:52
Container seal is a kind of seal made of high-quality steel and ABS plastic , with anti-corrosion and anti-theft features. Common wire cutters can’t destroy it, it need a dedicated pliers when unlocking cut. The appearance can be any colors as customized, the lock body surface can be laser-engraved with company name, LOGO, bar codes and so on.
Container seal
Container seal are used as the pressure button lock, separate the two parts when use, put the rod into the plastic hole, then reverse the lock to ensure that the installation after a crisp sound.
It should be noted that, due to the high-security seal with a push-button lock, sometimes because of the moving of the locking part, it may cause fake deduction, and the high-security seals will lose the anti-theft function. This shows that even security seal with high-intensity anti-theft , also need to be careful to use.
The application of high security seals is very wide, is being used in more and more industries.