Why do people use meter seals?

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-07-29 15:22:09
             The transparency of the electric meter security seals are that the shell material is PC, the inner core material is ABS, the steel wire material can be selected from stainless steel wire, galvanized steel wire, nylon copper wire, and mixed materials. It can be used on electric meters, water meters, and fuel dispensers. The scope of application Relatively wide.Commonly used in water meters, electricity meters, gas, ballot boxes, luggage, etc.

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             The instrument tamper proof meter seal tags have great advantages:
     1. The instrument electric meter security seals have a good tamper-proof function, compact structure, and excellent material. After sealing, the sealing line and the sealing body are integrated, and it cannot be restored after damage.
     2. After sealing, the sealing line is not easy to be pulled out without damaging the sealing body, and the tensile strength is ≥150N.
     3. Polycarbonate plastic, pressed at high temperature, has the advantages of high hardness, transparency and clarity, lead-free poisoning, and is an economical and safe product.
     4. Tension type structure, easy to install
     5. Our anti-theft electric meter security seals is solid, temperature resistant and easy to lock, good corrosion resistance, clear identification number, easy to use, high quality and low price.
     6.The instrument electric meter security seals can make the trademark code, laser type and arrange the serial number according to the customer's requirements, strengthen the management and facilitate the use.
              Finally, if you are looking for quality-guaranteed electric meter security seals, our lead meter seals are a good choice. Do you have any questions about water meter seals? Contact us today, we are happy to help you. Our contact information is:+86 15553189730; [email protected]