What kind of logo can be printed on plastic security lock seals?

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-08-03 16:48:17
          Plastic security seals can be seen in the application of plastic security seals in railway transportation, meter boxes, trucks, banks, customs and other occasions. The plastic security seals play a certain role in the safety of goods. Compared with other security seals, the cost of plastic lock seals is relatively low. It can also print signs, which can be used safely and prevent theft and leakage, so the amount of use is relatively large. Plastic lock seals can usually adopt laser printing or hot stamping technology, so that the printed fonts are clearly visible and beautiful.
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          So what can be printed on plastic lock seals?

   1. Plastic security seals are usually printed with the customer's company name or company's LOGO
   2. Plastic lock seals are usually printed with serial numbers or codes. The serial numbers or codes on each plastic lock seal are ordered but different. It can be said to be unique. The purpose of this is to eliminate criminals. Go to forge plastic lock seals.

   3. Print QR code or barcode on plastic security seals to store more information

          In addition to the above signs, our company can also customize and print other signs for free. If you need customized plastic security seals, please contact us. Our contact information is:  +86 15553189730; [email protected]