why cable seal adopts ABS?

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Update time : 2018-01-24 15:56:11
There are many types of cable seals, generally can be divided to two types, one is with ABS wrapped, and the other is aluminum cable seal.
Different types of materials of cable seal are targeting at different requirements of different industries so as to adjust to its durable degree under different situations. Why most seals adopt ABS, plastic material has its stability.

cable seal with abs
ABS materials have many advantages, not only have impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and good electricity performance, and also easy processing, stable in size, good surface glossiness, easy in coating and coloring, and it can also make secondary processing of surface metallizing, electroplate, welding, hot-pressing and adhesion.
With ABS, cable seal can maximally increase anti-corrosion degree, which has good performance in valve sealing, oil tank sealing, well mouth sealing, etc. and more importantly, with ABS, it can reduce material cost, which has high using value to both user and producer.