Advantages of container shipping

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Update time : 2018-01-26 10:10:29
Advantages of container shipping
1、Simple packaging. Container is a very good way of packaging, therefore, many goods do not need packaging and just greatly reduce packaging cost by putting into container.
2、Reduce the possibility of goods broken and wrong goods quantity. Because container is a very strong solid container which can protect goods well. Goods can be steadily fixed inside of container without worry of wet or goods loss. It is very suitable for long-distance shipping.
3、Traditional ways of moving machines have many defects, such as many loading and unloading steps with low moving efficiency. While by container it greatly increases efficiency. Traditional unloading can unload 35t per hour, and by container it can reach 400t per hour, which transfers manual work to machine work and reduces error possibility.

container seals
Advantages of container seals
1.Light and convenient and strong tenacity
2.Low heat insulation property and low thermal conductivity, and good heat retaining property
3.Independent bubble structure and low water absorption
4.Good cushioning and anti-shock capability, can be used as cushioning material
5.Good weather resistance. EPDM series sponge can pass ozone resistance test (50pphm*40 in C*72hours).