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How to choose correct security seals

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Update time : 2018-03-22 13:59:11
Seals can control risk, reduce loss at logistics transportation container cabinet customs and all kinds of security protection industries. Therefore, when customers choose seals, the following factors need to pay much attention:
1.Choose factory with quality and credit (otherwise, products can not play anti-theft role). Factories must regulate management at quality control procedure, raw material purchase, product inspection and other links. They own advanced production, inspection and trial equipment, and strong technology and research ability.
2.Sign contract before making order. Factories are asked to make promise that they can not provide seals to other customers with same mark or number, sometimes, secret agreement also needs to be signed.
3. Try not to choose seals that many factories have the same dimension/color (which are easy to get duplicate or copy, which provides convenience to some illegal person and lose anti-proof meaning). And products which have already been in market for long time which are also not good to choose. At the same time, factories with technology advantage and research ability generally develop advanced products so as to meet market requirements.
4.Investigate factories’ actual production scale and actual production ability so as to guarantee promptness and rapidness of delivery.
Container seal is a lock of container, but it can only be used for one time, once open, can not be used. There is one number on it, which is unique. If customers get the BL which has the same number as container seal, which means container is not open once with complete goods.
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