Effect of fire extinguisher seals

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Update time : 2018-03-21 15:56:51
There is a round pull-tag hole similar as a plug of key ring at fire extinguisher, which is easy to pull out by finger; and there is seal or plastic seal at the other end, i.e. security seal. The effect of seals is to prove the fire extinguisher is original and without use so as to reach purpose of anti-fake. Once seals opened or damaged, need to ask factory to refill so as to guarantee normal use of fire extinguisher.
Seals can be widely applied to the follows: express bag, food and beverage, cart fire extinguisher pin, ATM cassette, ballot box, storage box, luggage and box, medical box, aviation freight, travel box, accessory, laptop case, aviation, express, chemistry, bank, government, fire extinguisher, medical care, food, fishing, retail, e-commerce, electricity, etc.