Why use safety tamper proof wire seals to protect your hazardous materials

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-09-28 13:22:04
       The security seal wire is a great and underrated safety tool for protecting dangerous goods. We must know that tamper proof wire seals play a vital role in protecting the safety of dangerous goods, and security seal wire is a better choice than ordinary locks.
       However, the container tamper proof wire seals can only be used as disposable locks. To realize its full potential, you need a complete security seal wire control program.
   What is the tamper proof wire seals control program?
       The tamper proof wire seals control program is used to record what has been protected, when to protect and which security seal wire to use. The most important thing in this plan is to clarify the person responsible for each step in your organization and supply chain, and to be responsible to everyone.
   What is the ultimate goal of the tamper proof wire seals control plan?
       100% sure that no unauthorized person opens the goods or packages.
       So we can check the safety of the goods according to whether the tamper proof wire seals are damaged. But this does not fully guarantee security, so we can print a unique number or code on the security seal wire, so that tamper proof wire seals can prevent tampering, so that the thief cannot replace it with the same security seal wire, and do the best Careful protection.