Why do pesticide containers need a cable lock seal

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-10-12 16:45:36
       The containers used for pesticides are supervised by the State Environmental Protection Agency. The law stipulates that the opening on the container containing the pesticide must have a tamper proof device, such as a tamper proof cable seal. If not, pesticides are hazardous substances, and their reuse requires expensive and complicated procedures. Therefore, cable lock seal is the best choice.
       The tamper proof cable seal is the type most commonly used to seal pesticide containers. This is partly because the cable lock seal is suitable for almost any closure and can prevent pesticide leakage or theft. But another reason for choosing tamper proof cable seal is history and habit. However, with the development of industry, cable lock seal is not the only choice for sealing pesticide containers, but it is indeed the first choice.

<Tamper proof cable seal>
       JUNCHUANG produces various types of tamper proof cable seals. The cable lock seal can be closed without tools. The cable lock seal provides excellent tamper resistance and highly readable marks, serial numbers, letters and colors, which can be used to identify content such as location of use, content, owner, etc.
       No matter what your needs, if you are using cable lock seal to seal pesticide containers, our company has a tamper proof cable seal suitable for you. We provide the highest quality and fastest delivery. If you have any questions about our tamper proof cable seal or want to know about the use of cable lock seal to seal pesticide containers, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you!