Why cable seal can not be replaced by key lock?

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Update time : 2018-03-08 09:12:46
Cable seals have many different models and features, which can adjust different using environments of different industries through matching length and diameter.
1、As a one-time use seals, cable seal is low in price and convenient in use. Normally it adopts tight sealing method which can finish sealing goods after cable penetrates hole. The tightness of lock can be adjusted. And the price of cable seal is cheap, normal as 1/10 of ordinary key locks.
2、Convenient dismantle and management. Because key lock can only open with the right key. When the quantity of keys is large, it is difficult to manage. When using cable seal, one line is only needed to cut and the used cable seal directly craps, which is convenient in statistics and use.
3、Length can be customized. Because ordinary key locks can not realize different length, it can not meet most customers requirements, while cable seal do. It is appropriate to use specialized cable seal than complicated wiring way.