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What should I do if the container is lost?

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Update time : 2017-11-07 16:02:59
Many container transport personnel have encountered similar problems, is the container somehow lost the goods, no trace can be found. but
What I want to say here is that in fact, this process is not without trace.
Probably not a non-professional are not very understanding, what is the protective measures of the container? Is the steel lock? Or iron? In fact, there are more than these
More important security measures, that is, seal, or seal, seal, all OK. So what is the use of these things?
First of all, let me introduce what types of container seals.
Container seal is the application of seals on the container, resulting in the name, in fact, there are many seals on the container
Species, such as our common plastic seals, front seals, seals and so on, the type is a lot, and now to a rough introduction
Common kinds of container seals.
A container is the most common and most commonly used a seal is the seal, in accordance with the role of seals, can be divided into high security seal, digital
Container lock
Anti-theft seals, bullet seals, tin seals, wire plastic seals, plastic seals, security seals, seals, etc., in accordance with the application of the seal can be divided into
: Factory seal (factory security seals, the export factory plus); closed (closed, that is, customs security seals, the Customs plus); ship seal
(Shipping company anti-theft seal, the shipping company plus); temporary terminal seal (pier temporary security seals, the terminal plus).
Container seals in the use should pay attention to lead seals and packaging time, so as to avoid the container seal in use appear
Title, but also pay attention to the bill of lading must have a container number with the lead number, one can not be less, or customers will not want, but also have trouble,
I hope everyone in the use of container seals pay attention to this issue.

First of all, we have to confirm whether the driver has locked the container seal under the witness of the factory personnel, and if the factory personnel have witnessed the lock
Bar locks and closures reach the customer when the seal is intact then there may be less factory installed, if the cabinet is not locked in the factory then
This responsibility can only be borne by the driver or trailer dealer. Vehicles equipped with GPS, you can check the track to see where there is a stop, let the driver
Explain the reasons for staying witnesses.
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