What is the ISO17712 international standard for bolt seal?

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Update time : 2018-04-11 16:32:00
ISO is the code for the International Standardization Organization, ISO17712 is an international standard, full name is DS DS/ISO/PAS 17712 Freight containers - Mechanical seals.
Any container that adopts the ISO/PAS 17712 standard sealing procedure will be affixed with a unique mark at the seal to ensure that it is sealed. In addition, the standard also categorizes the sealing procedures and uses different sealing marks for the containers that are received or returned. In order to strengthen the control of the sealing procedures and ensure the quality of the sealing operation process, the new standard divides the seal into 6 steps:
1.All aspects of the design and sealing process.
2.The actual experience of the manufacturer.
3.The shipper and the intermediate distributors transit.
4.Uniform standardization of sealing operations.
5.Management in transit.
6.Data preservation after sales.

ISO/PAS 17712 provides a unique and universal container seal standard for international trade and is the only publisher of such information. It has been recommended that the World Customs Federation, the International Maritime Federation, and the International Labour Organization be used for the calibration of container seals. Container seals are now required to use seals that meet or exceed the "existing ISO/PAS 17712" HIGH SECURITY SEAL standards.