Uno de los Shiber de China—beginning of spring

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Mans God sentence 
 Mans for Spring God, that is, the god of plants and god of life. Mans assertion of the image is the human face, executive rules, the main spring. In the week there is East Hall Spring Festival set things, indicating a long time ago.
Spring is the beginning of spring important activity, must be prepared in advance, rehearsal, commonly known as performing spring. And then formally spring in the spring of that day. Spring is carried out on the day before the spring, the purpose is to pick up the spring and sentence Mans God.
Whip spring cattle
Yingchun cattle, followed by kowtow to spring cattle. Bye Bi, the people swarmed on the spring Chun will be crushed, robbed the spring soil to go home, sprinkled in the bullpen. From this we can see that whip spring is still a kind of breeding witchcraft, that is, after spring spring soil, sprinkle the bullpen can promote cattle breeding.
Rush spring rush
Here the "beef cattle" or "cattle paper" refers to the official department after the whip spring, which is in the soil or cattle was broken, the crowd grabbed the soil or pieces of paper. People believe that beef or beef paper can bring auspicious. Because people think spring is a symbol of spring, fighting for "beef cattle" or "beef paper" is called "grabbing spring."

beginning of spring