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Tomb-sweeping Day customs

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Update time : 2018-04-03 15:35:31
Sweeping tomb
Qing Ming grave, that the ancestors of the "time of respect." Its customs have been long-standing. Ming Ming Dynasty "Jingjing scenery" contains: "March clear day tomorrow, men and women sweep the tomb, bear mention respect, after the sedan horse hanging ingots, but also full of praise. worshipers, squatting, crying, add to the tomb to the tomb Burning ingots, setting the graves on paper money, looking for no paper money, solitary tombs, crying, not returning, arranging trees, choosing gardens and gardens, sitting and drunk.” Actually, the grave sweep had preceded Qin. However, it is not necessarily at the time of Qingming. The Qing Ming grave is a matter after Qin. It only began to flourish in the Tang Dynasty. And it has been passed down until now.

Tomb-sweeping Day
Shooting Liu is a game of practicing archery skills. According to the records of the Ming Dynasty, the pigeons were placed in a gourd, and then the gourd was hung on the willow tree, bow bow hit the gourd, the pigeons flew out, the height of the flying pigeons to determine the outcome.
The ancient Ching Ming prevailed in the cockfighting game. The cockfight started from the Ching Ming Dynasty and was completed by the summer solstice. The earliest record of cockfighting in China was found in Zuo Zhuan. In the Tang Dynasty, cockfighting became a popular choice not only for folk cockfighting but also for imperial cocks. Such as Tang Xuanzong favorite fighting chicken.
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