The role of bolt seal with QR Code

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-08-24 13:33:57
       With the development of port logistics, the demand for improving the safety of cargo in containers and the automatic collection of logistics information has become more and more prominent.
       In the process of container transportation, the commonly used security seal is the traditional bolt lock seal, and the bolt lock seal body is generally laser-printed. However, the traditional bolt lock seal stores less information, requires manual reading, and is very inefficient, so the bolt seal with qr code was born.
<Bolt seal with qr code>
       Bolt seal with qr code adopts the currently more mature QR Code technology. The bolt seal with qr code is sprayed with a QR Code pattern according to the number of the required bolt seal with qr code. The QR Code information can be encrypted to prevent counterfeiting. The bolt seal with qr code can automatically collect and identify bolt lock seal information, and realize the automatic inspection function of container bolt lock seal. In addition, the fault-tolerant performance of the bolt seal with qr code itself can ensure that the QR Code can be reliably identified when part of it is missing or defaced. The bolt lock seal printed with the QR code has improved the level of port logistics informatization and automation.
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