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The lunar year’s costom

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Update time : 2018-02-07 13:29:34
1、The Kitchen God
On the eve of the eve of the year, grocery stores in the streets and alleys, and department stores sell "stove princes" on their behalf. Most of the statues of this wood-based watermark are from the village of Printmaking - Tianjin Yangliuqing. That kind, solemn, quiet cook king robes sitting, giving the feeling of a family of Lord. People have to "please" come back a new portrait of stove king, to replace the stale cook king portrait

The lunar year
2、Sweeping the Dust
In order to meet the stove Royal Highness, people clear the stove ash, sweep the wall, commonly known as "sweep the dust." According to the folk argument: "Dust" and "Chen" homophonic sweeping dust "except Chen cloth new" meaning, its purpose is to all "poor luck", "unlucky" all swept away. This custom imposes on people's old and new aspirations and prayers for greetings and greetings. Therefore, full of joy and joy everywhere engage in hygiene, clean the atmosphere of the New Year
3、Writing couplets
 Every household started writing couplets. Ex ante before the couplets particular stress, mostly respect and blessings of the words. On both sides of the shrine niche, a pair of couplets should be affixed. The couplets should be written as "good things about God." Because Spring Festival couplets are also written together. Folk stress God has to paste, each must be affixed. Rich content, punchline beads.
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