The Importance of Bolted Seals in Shipping Containers

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Update time : 2022-09-15 17:40:59
   Containers are a common transport carrier in international shipping. Containers are generally used to load goods with large quantities, heavy weights and large volumes. Due to the long time and long distance of international shipping, in order to ensure that the goods will not be manipulated during the long-distance transportation, it is a good way to stick a seal. Most people may think that it is enough to add a lock on the container, which will also be safer. Indeed, the idea of ​​adding locks is indeed correct. However, as long-term shipments in large quantities, the price of locks is too high, and it is also troublesome to use. It also increases the transportation of keys, which is equivalent to adding new difficulties. Secondly, It is the anti-counterfeiting property. The anti-counterfeiting property of general locks is too low, and it is easy to be opened by small tools, that is, it can be reused. Such things cannot achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, but will bring a lot of risk to the transportation of goods, because the lock can recycle.
      So, how can we solve the price problem and improve the anti-counterfeiting property? A product called bolt seal came into being. The bolt seal is also called bolt seal.
      Bolt sealing features: The lock body and the lock rod are made of metal, the interior of the lock body is a clip-spring structure, the surface is white galvanized and passivated, and the surface of the lock body is typed and serialized by stamping technology. Tensile force F≥900KG. Now bolt sealing has been widely used in railways, highways, ports, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electrical industry, post and telecommunications, cargo transportation containers, oil tankers, packaging bags and various meters are all used for bolt sealing. The bolt seal is made of ps transparent plastic as the sealing shell. The inside of the lock body adopts a clamp spring structure, and the outer shell is filled with ABS. The surface of the lock body can be customized by customers. Laser typing, logo, coding, bar code, color and other information are mainly used for containers and containers. A device for the seal of a car, truck, van, etc. The bolt seal is firm, easy to lock, safe and reliable. Standard colors are red, yellow, red, blue, and white. Use laser technology and hot pressing process to print the company's required name or logo, and the neutral serial number.
        Once the seal is properly locked, it cannot be opened unless it is violently damaged (ie, cut open), and the damaged seal cannot be used again. Each seal has a unique number identification. As long as the appearance of the container is intact, the door of the container is properly closed, and the lead seal is properly locked, it can prove that the container has not been opened without permission during transportation. The condition of the box is supervised by the packer during packing. Bolt seal is a kind of sealing equipment used in containers, container trucks, trucks and vans. The one-time seal cannot be damaged or unsealed, and it can avoid the defect that the old lead seal is restored to its original state after being damaged. The bolt seal has a systematic data code, and the products and codes correspond one by one without repetition, so as to facilitate the computer processing of the system, and the use of each bolt seal can be checked on the computer. Functional characteristics The bolt seal has super high mechanical strength, and the chip inside the bolt seal has the only ID code in the world, which can be read and written from a long distance.

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