Teach you to choose a good quality cable seal lock

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-06-22 11:22:24
    In recent years, with the development of the logistics and transportation industry, cable seal lock have been widely used. Currently, there are many cable seal lock manufacturers on the market. How should we choose and how to judge the quality of cable seals?

    Generally, the surface treatment of cable seals includes electroplating, spraying and coloring. These surface treatments can form a protective film on the product, play a role in anti-corrosion and rust prevention, and make the product beautiful. High-quality locks are generally electroplated, the plating layer is moderate and uniform, the color is bright, and there are no bubbles, rust, and oxidation marks.
    The material of cable seals on the market is usually made of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy locks, and then fixed with steel wires. Aluminum alloy has good strength, strong corrosion resistance and unchanged color, which is a good lock material; zinc alloy has strong corrosion resistance and is easy to form.
3.Weight and sound.
    Weigh the weight, compare the feel, and listen to the sound. Products that cut corners are made of hollow materials and inferior materials. This material feels very light, feels bad to use, and has a dull sound; the opposite is true for good locks.
     In the future, we can choose a good quality cable seal lock from these three aspects.