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Take you to understand the application of security seals

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-11-09 17:34:09
Our anti-tampering plastic security seal is used in key operations of multiple industries and government functions. Here are some examples of the use of seals:
1. Medical industry
The plastic security seal helps protect and track medical products, medicines, raw materials, and medical tools and equipment during transportation and storage. Plastic security seals are used in hospitals to maintain activity records, protect supplies, and track the use of critical materials. Plastic security seals are also used to protect and identify their medical kits, basic equipment, and clearly mark and isolate biohazardous materials for safe disposal.
2. Transport
The most well-known use of plastic security seals is as a key tool to protect and track all product movements during road, rail, air, and ship transportation.
3. Food and Agriculture
Plastic security seals are used throughout the food supply chain. The plastic security seal ensures quality and purity at all stages, from farms and processors to store shelves.
4. Power companies, natural gas and fuel suppliers widely use plastic security seals to ensure safety and prevent losses.
Electric meters, substations, and various key control devices and supplies are protected from tampering or theft through plastic security seals. Meters usually use lighter tamper-proof meter seals, while control stations or critical supplies and equipment are usually protected with stronger cable seals made of cables.
5. Bank and money
Bags, containers, ATM boxes and armored trucks are sealed with plastic security seals to detect and prevent tampering or theft.
Junchuang has been producing plastic security seals in China since 2008, and has become an important plastic security seal supplier for all industries, government agencies and NGOs, and has been certified. Welcome everyone to our company to buy plastic security seal, we will provide you with professional services.

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