Optimization in seal management

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Update time : 2018-04-08 14:28:08
1.Set the legal definition of seals management, on some problems during enterprise seal processing, it shall be legally abolished and terminated of the legitimacy of seal products, in other words, once the measuring instruments are put into use, the factory will have no legal rights to seal the products. After passing the qualification verification of the metrological verification department, the seals form the factory will be removed and replaced by special ones from the measurement department. If it is a measurement instrument for renovation, it shall be supervised by the staff of the measurement department on the spot. After the inspection and confirmation by the workman, it should be sealed on-site with the special seals prepared by the measurement department. Through such management measures, the safety of measuring instruments will be greatly improved, and data error reports will be reduced.
2.Strengthen the management of the measurement department, clarify individual responsibilities, establish a seal application system, and practically implement the “Measurement and verification measures for measurement verification”.
3.Develop anti-counterfeiting seals, update the development of seals, and the seal number will be determined by the measurement department, which will greatly reduce tamper. Use RFID smart electronic seals, or add code on seals and other measures to plug loopholes in measurement instruments management.
RFID smart electronic seals
What important role did lead seal play in the measurement management?
Seals are the first guarantee for the safety of measuring instruments. Under the new trend, the guarantee for seals needs joint cooperation from the community. Enterprises also need to improve their own quality, and make targeted and effective supplements and improvements in the manufacture and management of seals, producing seals with high technical content and anti-counterfeiting performance to meet the needs of current measurement work, so as to reduce the work pressure in the measurement department and increase the ability to implement monitoring.