How to open seal without influencing secondary use

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Update time : 2018-02-02 08:48:13
If open seal in force which does not accord with related management regulations, because it is protected by law. Seals for companies need to explain to the principal. If broken seals can not be used, it need to change a new one, which will cause the number not the same as in document.
Security seal is a kind of equipment similar as lock implemented by specialized person after goods are loaded in container and correctly close container door. Seals can be divided to customs seal, commercial inspection seal and commerce seal according to different implementing persons.
As long as container appearance is complete, door correctly closed, seal normally locked, it proves the container is not open during transportation. The inside container situation is supervised by loading person. Once locked correctly, it is unable to open unless violent break (cutting) and once broken, seals can not be used again. Each seal has unique serial mark, so it is impossible to change seal.
Above all, it is impossible to open seal without influencing secondary use. Many industries are using seals now and it is a long task for manufacturers to control the quality.