How much do you know about plastic seals?

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-09-02 16:57:22
        Plastic strip seal is a product with sign printed on the lock body to seal objects.
       1. The flame-retardant PP+PE used for the material of the plastic strip seal has good  acid resistance, corrosion resistance and good insulation. The serial number plastic seal is not easy to age, has strong endurance, and is safer to use.


<Serial number plastic seal>
       2. Because the serrations on the plastic strip seal may be tightly sealed with the elastic plastic buckle of the plastic mouth profile, the serial number plastic seal can play a very firm role in fixing.
       3. The plastic strip seal has the effect of preventing theft and opening, ensuring that the product has not been opened on the passer's hand after leaving the factory. The outer packaging of the product can only be opened after the plastic strip seal is cut. If the serial number plastic seal is damaged If it does, it proves that the product has been changed.
       4. The company's LOGO text, serial number, identifier, bar code, etc. can be laser printed on the plastic strip seal. The color of the serial number plastic seal can also be customized.
       5. The purpose of serial number plastic seal : it is suitable for the confidential use of finance, shipping, electric power, petrochemical container and other industries.
  The above is the understanding of some basic knowledge of plastic strip seal. If you want to know more about serial number plastic seal, please contact us!