Do you need to lock the container?

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Update time : 2018-05-02 08:54:15
 If a container ships on a ship, it must be locked (sealing), and the natural need of a heavy cabinet (in stock) must be locked. An empty container must also be locked in order to prevent the thieves from smuggling the anti-smuggling inspection and quarantine requirements.
 Locks (Sealings) of Containers A type of lock that a shipping company commissions a lock manufacturer to have a unique seal number. This kind of lock has the ISO standard. If the seal is not consistent with the record on the bill of lading after the container arrives at the port of destination, the consignee may reject the container.
The second type is the commercial inspection locks, some of the notary banks, and the locks of BV institutions, which are called small wire ropes, also called line locks. The safety performance is also very high. It is only used to prove that the goods meet the standards.
The third type is the customer's own lock, used in some high-value containers, this kind of lock is placed on the door handle, which is equivalent to a reinforcement.