Arbor Day

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Update time : 2018-03-09 13:33:36
March 12 is Arbor Day. Every year, many people come to plant trees. Pick up the shovel, dig a pit, put the saplings, shovel the earth back, flatten it, and water it. This is a meaningful Arbor Day. However, in your heart, have you planted a small tree that represents green?
On the day of the Arbor Day, if you did not sow in your heart, then what you did was futile. Because you are just doing it. If you really don't care for the environment, then sooner or later, the trees will be destroyed in the smoke. Only when you protect your heart and love the green of nature, this festival of planting trees makes sense.
If there is, you can see it through the tools that the soul sees: it is full of love, it is full of environmental protection. You can even see the saplings transformed into towering trees to see if his heart is covered by shade. You can also look at the darkness of another heart: in his heart, there is only a dark one, you can hardly see anything! The Arbor Day is not for us to plant trees on the ground. There is no task at all. One person or one person will give you this. You must do it.

 Arbor Day
This year's Arbor Day is a small tree that can give you a symbol of environmental, life and environmental protection in your heart plant. On that day, even if you didn't go to open land, you wouldn't buy saplings or plant trees. As long as you have a green heart, you only need to plant the trees in your heart. If only you have the concept of environmental protection. This tree planting festival is a real tree planting festival. This tree planting festival is a meaningful tree planting festival!
From now on, from the Arbor Day, plant a tree in your heart!