Anti-fake technology of security seals

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Update time : 2018-03-05 14:44:24
Various technologies of seals
Laser printing: use laser to print information on seals surface, which is also one of the common ways of anti-fake technologies. QR code, serial number etc. can be easily printed on seals. It is most common way of anti-fake technology.
Hot stamping: being different from laser printing, large limit range, need appropriate hot stamping area, complicate preparation work.
Silk screen: Without limit of object size and shape. General printing can only be at surface, while silk screen can not only print on surface, but also on special shapes, like ball. As long as with shape, silk screen can be adopted.
Chip: the anti-fake effect by adding chip is very strong. And it is very difficult to duplicate seals with chip inside. It has high safety level but price is higher.