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State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company
State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation. The headquarters of 23 departments, 28 units under the management of 98 county power supply company. Company services power customers 37.39 million, is the largest province. In 2014, the province's total social electricity consumption of 4223 billion kwh, ranking third in the country, an increase of 3.44%. Completed sales of 302.7 billion kwh, an increase of 3.05%; operating income of 1912 billion yuan, an increase of 3.67%; total assets of 163.8 billion yuan.

Shandong power grid has been built 500 kV strong main grid, through the Yinchuan East - Qingdao ± 660 kV DC and 500 kV Xin chat two lines, Binhuang two lines and other three transmission large channel, and the Northwest power grid, North China power grid, To accept the province outside the call capacity of 7.5 million kilowatts. In 2014, Ximeng - Shandong 1000 kV UHV AC project started construction, Shandong power grid into the UHP era. As of the end of 2014, Shandong power grid has 35,000 volts and above substation 5869, substation capacity of 374 million kVA, line 94,600 km. Shandong has become one of the most stable provinces in the country for many years.
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Over the years, Shandong Electric Power out of a road of innovation and development, becoming the first "China's first-class management of the provincial power company", comprehensive performance for many years in the forefront of the national grid company, wind evaluation for many years the province's public service industry First, the company has won the National May 1 Labor Certificate, the national civilized units, the first outstanding contribution to the Shandong Industrial Award, Shandong top ten responsibility enterprises and so on.
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